Video Shows a Soldier in Uniform Preaching on Altar with a Rifle on his Chest, Stirs Mixed Reactions

Mixed reactions have trailed an emerging video of a soldier preaching with a rifle strapped to his chest.

The army personnel in uniform could be seen with a red bible he gesticulated with as he delivered a sermon from the pulpit, a short clip shared by @gossipmilltv on Instagram showed.

He hammered on ‘the language God understands’ in a setting that looked like a military camp.

This is as one of his listeners could be seen in the same military uniform he rocked while preaching.


“The only language that the lord understands is the language of judgment.


“The only language that the lord understands is the language of justice.


“The law itself has a direct phone line to the lord almighty. It has a hotline to him,” he said to his listeners.


Watch the video below:




Social media reactions

@_ur_lurd said:


“God bless our soldiers even while he share the word of God he is still on Gard it’s in a saying that the god of a soldier is his Gun.”

@resmi_meyakini said:


“You won’t find developed countries soldiers preaching at the alter with gun .make we try dey educate our soldiers cos many don’t know left from right.”


@mizgrace5 said:


“I no wan laugh even demon go fear to torment person for this kind of church.”


@dannyross007 said:


“Frontline fighters still find time to pray, may God guide all the soldiers worldwide.”


@kish_psil said:


“God is still in the business of raising men no matter your career path or profession..”

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