WATCH: A Nigerian Pastor Was Found Selling Drugs At Springs, See What Community Members Did to Him

One thing about south African people is that whenever there is a new prophet at the area they all run there to get prophesied, many foreigners has realized that being a pastor or a prophet is one of the biggest businesses in South Africa that is why there are way too many fake pastors and prophets who scam people in the name of god. This usually happens to women, they fall fair fake pastors scams and some even give them everything they have in order for them to pray for them. We thought sour Africans will learn not to fall for fake pastors with the bushiri saga but they didn’t.


(illustrative photo of drugs)

According to the reports, there has been a Nigerian pastor who has been gaining so much attention in springs, many people were going to him to be prophesied and being prayed for. Rumors had it that this pastor is a drug dealer and he’s selling drugs to children. After that, community members decided to raid his home and search for the so called drugs and they really found them. Many people were very disappointed, a whole pastor selling drugs to children.


After finding the drugs they drag him Out of his house and take him where community members were gathering and forced him to swallow his own drugs. They took out a packet and pour it on his hand for him to swallow while threatening him to  kill Him if he don’t. This man was just forty that police came to rescue, if it wasn’t for those police he would have swallowed the whole 2Kg drugs, he was taken by police leaving community members so angry.


(illustrative photo of cocaine)

After the vide was posted on Twitter many people were angry that fake pastor didn’t get mob justice, they say the South African law is so poor in a way that this man will be out in a few days and relocating to another area to continue selling drugs. It seems like many people has lost confidence on the law that is why you see communities resorting to mob justice. Many Nigerian foreigners in South Africa are drug lord, the government must ban Nigerians from coming to South Africa.


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