WATCH: Police Beg For Forgiveness as a Young Man Beat Him Up, See What Happened

Back then, police had so much dignity in a way that you’d even feel scared when you saw a police van. That was because at that time police were the most disciplined people and don’t go around doing things that take their dignity down. But in modern police, discipline is not something that is within them; if they are not taking bribes, they are protecting criminals or abusing their power in the streets. There have been so many exposed videos of police doing things that bring shame on the SAPS department.

(Illustrative photo of SAPS: credit Google)

Speaking of that, there is a trending video of a police officer being beaten up like a baby by a young boy. The video and reports didn’t show what exactly happened that led to the conflict; on the video, a young boy could be seen beating up a policeman while the man was not even fighting back; he was just walking away as the boy followed him and gave him hot slaps. The police saw that the boy was not retreating and took out his gun; the boy didn’t stop, and he continued beating him even when he was holding a gun.


The other policewoman who was there tried to stop the boy from beating up a police officer, but he didn’t even listen. The policewoman could be heard saying, “Please, I am apologizing on your behalf.” She was literally begging for forgiveness. While police begging a violent boy to stop beating a whole police offer on a police uniform next to a police van, this is so embarrassing for the saps, if they can’t protect themselves then who will protect us?

Illustrative photo of SAPS: credit Google)

After the video was posted on social media, many people were very disappointed in South African police servers. They are calling for authorities to take action against this police officer for letting that boy disrespect the law this much; some even said he should have used a pepper spray to stop the boy from attacking him. In my opinion, this is an embarrassment to the police; these two policemen must be disciplined; they just showed the whole world that they are cowards.




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