We don’t deserve them: Dog thinks little girl is drowning, pulls her out in lovely video

We Don’t Deserve Them: Lovely Moment Dog Pulled Little Girl Out of Sea, ‘Rescues’ Her From Drowning, A video reshared by Daily Mail has shown the moment a big dog demonstrated that it is looking out for a kid while they were both inside water.

Noticing the sea waves kept hitting the girl, the animal pulled the kid and attempted a ‘rescue’. The canine beauty thought the child was in danger.


Lovely dog drags girl to shore


The kid who found the act funny could not stop laughing while the dog was at it. The animal never stopped until it successfully dragged the kid up to safety at the shore.


Many people who reacted to the video said that human beings do not sometimes deserve the pure love of dogs.


Watch the video below:



some of the reactions below:


karlacolungat said:


“Awwwwww, we humans don’t deserve the kindness of some animals.”

1122andco said:


“We don’t deserve dogs.”

fondnessforstyle said:


“Dogs are our second guardian angels.”

sheltons2009 said:


“He’s adorable and so loving to her!”

jeff.dague said:


“Let go! I want to swim.”

brendaplowfarms said:


“It’s a Newfoundland dog. Best friend anyone could ever have.”

sal_minio6 said:


“My jack Russell mix used to guard the cement stairwell outside so my 4 year old didn’t fall down it. He would stand in front of it and bark at my son like, you are not going down there! Dogs are smarter than we think.”

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