‘What A Beautiful Way To Die’ – Singer, Temmie Ovwasa Reveals Her Only Regret When She Dies

Nigerian songstress, Temmie Ovwasa has taken to the microblogging platform to reveal her only regret when she is dead.

According to the former YBNL signee who claims to be lesbian, her only regret when she died will be that no woman has ever broken her neck while sitting on her face.

She wrote:


“My only regret when I die will be that no woman has ever broken my neck while sitting on my face.”


What a beautiful way to die


In recent developments, Nigerian songstress, Temmie Ovwasa lambasted a section of Nigerians who persistently make jokes about psychiatric homes when they refer to it as ‘yaba left’ averring that it is not funny.


Temie Ovwasa in a post on her Instagram page exclaimed that it puts mental health and mental illness in a bad light as she pointed to the fact that a lot of people who mock mental ill-health have not experienced it before so they know how it feels for one to go through such crisis.


According to the former YBNL Records singer, the worst thing about psychosis is how people treat you and she expressed appreciation to her mother for being the only person who did not give treat her in that manner when she was in her most damage condition of her life.


She wrote;


If you’ve dealt with psychosis or any form of mental illness that removes inhibition , You know “The look”.

I’m grateful for my Mother, the only person that has seen me at my most damaged and didn’t give me “The look”.

The rest of the world can go fuck themselves.

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