“When Your Wife Is A Foodie” Chizzy Alichi Mbah Says As She Shares Funtime With Her Hubby (Photos)


Marriage is a beautiful experience every woman desires to have. Chizzy Alichi had a fun-filled moment with her husband and just shared the images online. The couple were spotted having a good time on their dining table while enjoying a meal. Chizzy went on to say that this happens when one is married to a woman who loves food.

Chizzy never forgets to advocate for a blissful marriage on her social media pages. On several occasions, she has gone online to demonstrate that a happy marriage is possible even among celebrities. This time around, the Nollywood actress got on Instagram to flaunt the loved-up moments she had with her hubby.

Irrespective of the ups and downs associated with marital relationships, Chizzy has always given her marriage her best. She is enjoying every moment of her marriage and also wants to notice that. She shared a fun time with her husband and posted it online with the caption, “When your wife is a foodie.”

Photos are credited to Instagram.

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