Why Plaiting Your Daughter’s Hair Every Week Isn’t A Good Idea

Why Plaiting Your Daughter’s Hair Every Week Isn’t A Good Idea, Children’s hair is very curly, and the skin that covers the tops of their heads is very delicate. As a mother, you might want to consider different hairstyles for your daughter while she’s still young. You want her to start growing long hair, but you must be careful.

Some hairstyles are not suitable for children, and changing them every seven days hurts their health. It’s good for your daughter to appear attractive, but doing her hair often can lead to hair breakage and loss.

Remember, your main reason for braiding her hair is to make it grow faster. However, if your daughter naturally doesn’t have fast-growing hair and she’s losing more than necessary, it will affect her hair.

Braids are usually tight so that they can look beautiful on their heads, and this will cause them to develop headaches or high body temperature. Frequent changes in the hairdo for your daughter can cause red bumps on the scalps of her foreheads.


You also need to consider how soft or hard the hands of your daughter’s hairdresser are.

When your daughter’s hair is still curly, it’s very fragile, so you must resist the desire to do it every week to prevent her from feeling uncomfortable. Your daughter might not be able to communicate her feelings to you appropriately because she’s still young.


It won’t reflect well if your desire to make your daughter look beautiful makes her go through pains that could have been avoided. Generally, there’s a certain age when it’s not appropriate to start braiding your daughter’s hair.

Moreover, you should avoid doing some hairstyles for them because they will be too tight for little children. The veins on their heads are still very fragile, and once the hairstyle is tight, it will put pressure on their veins by pulling them.


You should change your daughter’s hairstyle maybe twice a month. When you change it, watch her reaction. If she’s not feeling comfortable with it, then you have to unbraid her hair and wait for a few days before selecting a suitable hairstyle for her.

Some hairstyles won’t allow your daughter to sleep well because it’s painful and it might take some days before they finally adapt to it. If you change their hairstyle weekly, you are exposing them to regular painful experiences.

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