“Why was he allowed to carry the casket without jacket” Mapintsha’s old picture divides opinion

An old photograph of Mapintsha assisting with the funeral of a friend has recently gained widespread attention and has sparked rumors and conjecture on the internet.

They considered it to be culturally insensitive that the person who was tasked with transporting the body was not even wearing a jacket. This was an issue for them.


On the other hand, some people have attempted to defend him by arguing that in certain cultures, it is not necessary to wear a jacket when you are going to carry the coffin; nonetheless, this is something that a lot of South Africans have been debating.

The late artist had such a deep love for music that he would go to the funerals of other musicians whom he had gotten along well with during their lives and spent time with when they were still alive.


It makes no difference to South Africans whether you are still alive or if you have passed away; when they demand answers, they will not give up until they get them.



Content created and supplied by: Sundey (via Opera News )

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