Will Smith is in ‘better place’ and still feels ‘apologetic’ but hopes to ‘move forward’ after slapping Chris Rock at Oscars – Kevin Hart reveals

Popular Actor and Comedian, Kevin Hart, has made it known that his senior colleague, Will Smith is apologetic over the “slapping incident” involving fellow comedian, Chris Rock but he hopes to move forward.

According to Kevin Hart, his friend is still ‘apologetic’ after attacking Chris Rock on stage over an insensitive joke the comedian made about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, but is ready to ‘move forward’ and not dwell on the past.
In his words ;

“Will is apologetic, you know, he’s in a better space, of course, than what he was after.”



”People are human and as humans sometimes we make mistakes. So it’s not about talking about the past, it’s about acknowledging the present and doing your best to move forward.’ Kevin told Entertainment Tonight



Kevin is also friendly with Chris and hopes the pair can put their differences behind them.


He said: ‘I can get only hope that the two of them find a way to find some solace in that and move past it.

‘I just like good energy. I love to see people be the best.


‘I still love him, I still love Chris, and, you know, you can’t judge a person by one thing. Ultimately, life goes on and people grow, so give him the opportunity to do so.’

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