Woman shares heartbreaking details of how her son passed away 3hours after birth

Woman shares heartbreaking details of how her son passed away 3hours after birth, A Nigerian woman has shared the tragic circumstances of how she lost her baby to the cold hands of death three hours after he was delivered.

Taking to her Instagram page in a lengthy post, Udy narrated how she and her husband anticipated the arrival of their bundle of joy, whom they called “the restoration baby.”



According to her, they called him “restoration baby” because his miraculous conception restored their marriage, which had been “dead” for four years and looked beyond repair.


Sadly, only 3 hours after he was born, he gave up the ghost.


Read the full story as shared by Udy below,




Exactly 365 days ago, the kicks became recurrent, and the water broke just within the EDD window. Hubby had to toss his laptop aside, and we headed to the hospital ASAP. On arrival, we did some funny videos as we faffed around, while waiting for our COVID test results. Few minutes later, we were admitted and the courteous medical staff doctors did the needful till it was time to push. I held unto my mantle, as Hubby kept whispering soothing words, and before long he came forth, as his cry brought tears of joy. Hubby’s excitement knew no bounds, as we both reflected on how our marriage was dead for 4 years, and looked beyond repair.


Just after God restored our marriage, the miraculous conception happened, so we called him our Restoration baby. While waiting for him to be cleaned up, hubby ran in apprehensively and his stutters meant that the baby wasn’t breathing properly.


How? What happened? I jolted out, and headed to the NICU.


Bemused, we watched him fight for life, as the oxygen cylinder became his air source, and the team of doctors ran frantically to prevent our greatest fear. Just about 3 hours later, he drew his last breath, and it felt like our world had come crumbling. I saw my husband fall to the floor, broken, and in tears that flowed ceaselessly.


I trusted God so much that seeing my baby slip through the veil was nowhere in the picture. Next morning, I took my baby’s body to Church, convinced that it was just a dream I needed to wake up from. I returned back to the hospital in VI, and that was when it dawned on me that Samuel was no more!

“What will I tell his brother and sister, when I get home?”….as the thoughts became endless.



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