You Are Not Supposed to Be Speaking to Me: Korra Obidi Tells Ex-husband During Visit With Daughter, Fans React

The lingering face-off between dancer, Korra Obidi and her ex-husband, Dean Justin, is far from over as the mother of two put him in his place during a recent visit.

A video of the dancer and their first daughter emerged online where the duo visited Dean and he tried to have a conversation with his former wife.


Korra who was playing with her daughter reminded him that they are not supposed to be talking. She told him:


“You are not supposed to be speaking to me, you are breaking the law.”



Nigerians react to video of Korra and her ex-hubby


Social media users across the country have reacted differently to the video of Korra Obidi and her ex-hubby.


some of the comments, read below:


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