Young lady cries out for help as radio station sacks her because of ‘r factor’

A young lady who was recently laid off her job has cried out social media and also revealed why she was let go.

In a tweet which has now gone viral, Zainab disclosed that she was sacked at the radio station where she worked as an OAP because of her r factor.


She added that the sack came barely one month after she resumed but the company however tied their reason to misconduct.


The devastated young lady also revealed that she has worked at three different radio stations and her defect has never been a problem.


“I’m in pain! After almost 30 days of Ramadan, I got the most devastating news of my life. I was laid off my radio job as an OAP, just because I have “R” factor! They laid me off barely a month after resumption! I’ve worked at 3 different stations before now and it was never an issue.This is devastating, but I know God will vindicate me. Painful part was that when this happened they said it was misconduct.”


See the tweet below:



Zainab disclosed that the station claimed to have dismissed her over gross misconduct and non-professionalism, she was told something else.


In her words:


“No official statement was directed to me, They only wrote in the letter that they want to restructure, but they came out online and said gross misconduct and professionalism. Before the letter, the GM called and told me that they are taking me off news because of my ‘r’ factor.”


On if her speech impediment wasn’t noticed during recruitment, the young lady disclosed that the people at the helm of affairs had no problem with it.


“There was no objection,the GMD, GM, some veterans, and another recruiter were all seated when they interviewed me. I want justice because they knew about my r factor and still went ahead to employ me.”


Lstly, as one who holds professionalism dearly, Zainab cannot bear to let the world think that she was unprofessional on the job:


“I just want the world to know the real reason my appointment was terminated. I cannot bear people thinking i was dismissed for some gross misconduct or that I don’t know my job, which is tagged non-professionalism.”

Nigerians react to Zainab’s predicament




“God will open a better door soon.”




“Be rest assured that the best is here, just after your fasting and prayers? God is Giving you a better job. This happened to me too but God gave me a better one. Let nothing steal your joy, have faith!”



“They didn’t interview you before giving you the job?”



“Please name the station because what is this??? A speech impediment beyond your control ???”


“They didn’t hear you speak before they gave you the job?”



“You can just move to a different department, no be must to speak on radio just because u wan practice journalism. ‍♂️”




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