Young lady who shared photos of her simple wedding slams those criticising her

Wedding Isn’t Expensive, Na You Wan Impress: Nigerian Lady Who Had Simple Ceremony With Normal Clothes Reacts, A Nigerian lady, Amarachi Ugwanyi, has gone online to speak on the need for people not to break their banks before they can have a beautiful wedding.

In a post shared on Facebook, the lady wrote:


“Wedding is not expensive, na you wan impress village people.”

The bride then went to offer those looking for how to cut costs on their wedding ceremonies to reach out to her.


Have an elaborate wedding if you want to

Photos of her wedding have her and her husband in simple clothes with a few family members and friends present.

In a recent post after her earlier photos went viral, Amarachi said she crafted her message in such a way that it got the needed attention. She slammed those who misinterpreted her. The lady said she is not stopping those who want elaborate weddings.

People are scared

The newly married wife went ahead to speak about how people are scared of getting married because of the cost.

She stated that some churches are culpable in promoting a culture of lavish spending. In her words:

“Churches also contributed so much to the fear most persons are having I’m getting married. Somewhere churches rulers are very extreme that couples tend too halt their plans till they can have all the savings in the world. That’s by the way.”




What netizens have to say

Jacinta Cynthia Ogechukwu said:

“Amarachi Ugwuanyi, You don’t need to stress yourself trying to explain Nne. This is social media, everyone can’t think alike.”

Exodus Bassey said:

“Not everybody on social media well o. Please move on dear, I even want you to trend more, so dat ego pepper dem.”

Yetunde Olaniran Fadayomi said:

“You don’t need to explain yourself to anybody, those who can read properly understand the content of your write up.”

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