Young man gets 300k to buy new shoes after Daddy Freeze insulted his old ones

Young Man Daddy Freeze Insulted His Shoes Gets N300k From Him and Soso Soberekon to Buy News Ones, Controversial and popular OAP, Daddy Freze, recently made a young man N300k richer after they exchanged words on Instagram.

The young man identified as Benjamin dragged the media personality for always having an opinion on social media issues.

In a reply to him, Freeze pointed out how poor Banjamin is just from the condition of the shoes in his profile photo.

N300k for apologising

Shortly after, Benjamin apologised to Freeze and promised to mind his business, a gesture that made the media personality give him N50k for new pair of shoes.

Shortly after, popular talent manager, Soso Soberekon who was impressed by the fact that Benjamin apologised decided to add N250k to the initial N50k Freeze gave him.

“Omo this one fear me o… white lion wan buy Benjamin shoe shop o…[email protected] thanks a lot bro! The lesson here is: Apologizing can go a very long way. It can save your marriage, job, career and even your life and as a christian, if a brother apologizes and repents, you MUST forgive!”

See the post below:



Nigerians react


“Hmmm! Look at God.”


“A message to other people. Pls, this doesn’t mean. You all should still be bashing people online… bashing people doesn’t & will not take you anywhere…. Fingers are not equal.”


“God just wanted to bless this guy using daddy freeze as a vessel. My brother! You’re mouthed. May God bless everyone who has extended a hand of blessing to him too.”


“Some hearts are out there to spur the hearts of men to do great service to humanity. Thanks alot @daddyfreeze and @sososoberekon for helping one who has a future to make sure he has a future.❤️❤️❤️”

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