This is an inspiration. You are never too old to start exercising

We all know that the more a person gets older, the less his movement will feel and the difficulty in carrying out his daily tasks, because the aging stage is accompanied by many changes such as genetic factors, mental state, lifestyle, chronic diseases and the quality of the diet.
The progress in life leads to a gradual decline in the basic capabilities of the body, such as the mass and strength of muscles in men and women alike. Beginning in the fourth decade of life, a person loses from 3% to 5% of the muscle size per decade, and this decrease reaches 1% every year after The age of 50 years, and it is worth noting that the muscles keep us strong and maintain the human weight and help to support the bones and make them strong, so when the muscles are lost the person loses his strength and movement and becomes unable to perform the basic functions of his life.

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Cried Tears Of Joy When Garbage Collectors Surprised Her

The birthday cake was for his good friend, Dorothy Ballard – known as Mercy to family and friends – who turned 100 years old that day!
This elderly woman received the sweetest surprise from her garbage collector friend for her 100th birthday.

In this video that has been going around the internet and melting people’s hearts for the past few days, garbage man Ben Bird is shown walking up a garden path with a white and pink birthday cake in hand.

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