Check out 12 ladies make-up transformation pictures that will leave you surprised

Many women’s daily routines now include makeup so heavily that they won’t leave the house without it. Using cosmetics is the simplest approach to avoid seeming out of place or out of fashion in today’s world.

It’s clear that most women feel more energised when they wear makeup and artificial hair, and that very few women are confident in their own inherent beauty. People today want to emulate everyone else by assimilating Western ideas and habits rather than accepting themselves as they are.


Although there are legitimate purposes for cosmetics and hair extensions, this in no way absolves us from preserving our inherent beauty, sense of cultural pride, and sense of individual pride. It’s uncommon to find a modern woman relaxing without a cosmetic augmentation, which may make it difficult for certain males to recognize their genuine attractiveness.

It’s important that they eventually learn to appreciate it because not all men find women who are always hiding their natural beauty beneath heavy layers of makeup and extensions to be attractive.

But just as black people, people of other races frequently attempt to conceal their inherent desirability.

As you can see from the images I’ve chosen, even some non-black people aren’t happy with how he appears, and the causes of this range from a lack of confidence to skin issues.

Some, however, merely see it as a means to an end—fame or addiction—since they have grown reliant on these things and find it challenging to leave the house without utilizing them.

For this reason, I think that by masking imperfections like wrinkles, dark spots, and acne, makeup has preserved the self-esteem of many women.


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