A Couple Turned Into A Laughing Stock After This Was Noticed On Social Media

A photo of an alleged couple surfaced on social media and left people talking on the comments section after they noticed something else.

When you finally find your soul mate, it is a wonderful thing to celebrate. And this study demonstrates two benefits from boasting about your ties on social media: 1) strengthening your relationship with your spouse, and 2) defending it from third parties who might be after you or your partner.

People in committed relationships frequently regard their partner as an extension of themselves and incorporate them in their self-concept. Therefore, it makes sense that people would show their relationship on social media since it is an appropriate reflection of how they see themselves: as entwined with their spouse.

A woman flaunted herself and her boyfriend on Twitter, but people started making fun of her boyfriend’s skin tone and the way his hands looked..


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The end.

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