WhatsApp Hack: How to read deleted messages

Have you ever come across the frustrating “This message has been deleted” notification on WhatsApp? While this may simply be a glitch, it can ignite our curiosity and leave us with a feeling of uncertainty. Despite calls to remove this feature from the platform, the mystery of deleted messages still persists. But there is hope.


Android users can recover deleted WhatsApp messages without relying on third-party apps. This feature is available on devices running Android 11 or higher and can be accessed through the “Notification History.” To access this, go to “Settings,” select “Apps and Notifications,” then “Notifications.” Find and select “Notification History” and activate it by tapping the button next to “Use Notification History.” The log will then display all notifications received by the device, including the text of the deleted WhatsApp message.


Read WhatsApp Messages Deleted by Sender - New Hack! - YouTube


For iPhone users, reading deleted messages is straightforward. Just delete and reinstall the WhatsApp app, and make sure your messages are backed up to iCloud. After signing back into the app, an option to restore chats from the backup will appear. Selecting this option will bring back all WhatsApp messages, regardless of whether they were deleted or not.


While both iOS and Android app stores offer multiple options for recovering deleted WhatsApp messages, it is crucial to exercise caution when downloading. Some apps may contain malware or be overflowing with ads, so it is best to choose wisely. Also, most methods require activation before receiving the deleted message notification, so it is important to find the best option to guarantee future recovery of deleted messages.




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