Nigerian pastor and his wife welcome twins after 16 years of marriage

Congratulations are in order for a Nigerian pastor named Okoro Akpode Amos and his wife, Grace, who have been married for 16 years and recently welcomed a set of twins.


After waiting for several years, the couple finally received a set of twin boys on Christmas Day, December 25, 2022.

Friends, family and church members have gone online to congratulate the couple on the arrival of their bundles of joy.


“This is my friend Pst. Amos Okoro and his loving wife mama Amazing-Grace. They have waited for 16 years for children. Just yesterday, God proved again that He’s the master strategist, the master planner, the owner of our lives and destinies,” one Love Emwinghare wrote.




“Congratulations Ose Okoro Akpode Amos and your beautiful wife. 16 years of waiting is finally over with a set of twins. I join the entire world to celebrate your victory. I join the world to appreciate God for coming through for you. I’m glad that your life is a testament and a testimony for others who thinks it’s over to know that it’s not over yet. Indeed what God cannot do does not exist. Jesus be praised forever. Congratulations Ose.”



Congratulations mommy, your home is Blessed, to all the awaiting moms out there get ready to carry your child. your testimony is next!

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