Sèe How you can use onions To charge Your phone

Did you know that even without electricity, onions can be used to charge your phone? Continue reading to learn how.

Oftentimes, when the lights go out, we become disoriented because we lack a means of charging our mobile phones. The good news is that you need not be concerned during power outages. We can easily charge our phones by charging them with onions.

The following are the steps for charging mobile phones with onions.

What You Really Need

A bulb of onion

A USB cord

A reviving beverage

A jug

A screwdriver or similar implement for piercing the onion.

Step one

Make two perpendicular holes in the onion.

Step two

Fill a bowl with the energy drink to a depth greater than the onion’s height.

Step three

Incorporate the onion into the bowl of energy drink and allow the onion to absorb the liquid.

Step four

Now, carefully remove the onion and insert your USB cable into the onion’s holes, just as you would with your charging adapter.

Step five

Finally, attach the cable to your phone and allow it to charge.

The Force That Drives It

The energy drink absorbs through the onion causes the onion’s magnetic charges to become mobile, allowing electrolytic charges to be transferred via a dielectric layer.



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