Medical Reasons Why You Should Avoid Sleeping Next To Your Phone

According to the results of a recent survey, 66 percent of cell phone owners keep their phones beside their beds. There has been much discussion about the potential dangers of sleeping with your phone, despite the fact that some people use it for meditation, soothing apps, or music to help them go asleep.

Five of the drawbacks of sleeping with a phone are outlined in an article written by MedicalNewsToday.

1. Lack of Sleep

Whether it’s a bell, a beep, or a vibration, a gadget needs to make some sort of noise. Many people, out of FOMO (fear of missing out), end up checking their phones again and again after they’ve already chosen to go to sleep. The majority of a nap is spent in REM, the stage of sleep right before deep sleep.


2. It can affect the brain

Albumin leakage from the brain occurs after prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation, which breaks the blood-brain barrier. Increased glucose activity in the brain is a side effect of phone radiation.



3. Cancer-causing.

Engineers must first settle on safe SAR limits for cellphone radiation before this discussion can begin. Despite their being inconclusive evidence between mobile phone usage with cancer, the WHO recommended against its use by children. There is controversy amongst academics.


4. Problems with conceiving and/or maintaining a healthy pregnancy

The exposure of a pregnant woman to electromagnetic radiation has been linked to a variety of fetal malformations. This may lead to a decrease in sperm count and quality.


5. Hazard of fire.

It’s common for smartphone devotees to tuck their devices into bed with them. Pillows are now on fire as a result of this. So, you should try your best not to keep your phones close to you when sleeping.


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