“There is no dignity in nudity. Cover body” – Nigerian lady advises women as she shows off her natural look

According to her, there is nothing beautiful about exposing one’s body on social media.

Nigerian lady advises

A young Nigerian lady, Deborah Ocheido, has taken to social media to advise women to dress modestly and avoid nudity.

Deborah, who took to Twitter to give this admonition, shared a photo of herself without any makeup or filter to showcase her natural look.


Nigerian lady advises


According to her, there is nothing beautiful about exposing one’s body on social media and women should learn to dress decently.

“No dignity in nudity
, she wrote on Thursday, May 4.



The post has since gone viral on Twitter, garnering over nine thousand likes from tweeps. It has also gotten a lot of positive comments from netizens who praised her natural appearance.

@wendy_luv wrote, “Your beauty is out the world,🥰
Do me a favour and marry my brother so that I can emulate your style.🥰🔥💯

@godwin_solo2 wrote, “You are so beautiful woman.
Girls should learn from you. 😒


@ommo_dex wrote, “The hair! The Naturalness, no weird make up.. beautiful indeed 💯

@Obalichi_ wrote, “I’m not judging or condemning anybody, and I’m not saying that you’re perfect. However, you see this your principle/ideology? Please do NOT deviate from it, bcos it will POSITIVELY impact many young people (boys and girls alike).”

Stay blessed. Stay safe.”

@kistoboy4luv wrote, “Is there a better way to amplify this your tweet so it can get to the people at the far far far far back. Am not sure they ‘re hearing you. Even most if the people in the front can’t hear you. We have a longggggggggggg wayyyyyyyyyyy to go in this world especially 4 Gen Z world”


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